Consensys Is Tracking You With MetaMask – Change Your RPC URL

MetaMask which is one of the most used cryptocurrency wallets is now being tracked by Consensys. Consensys is tying the users wallet and transactions to their IP address. MetaMask defaults the RPC URL for Ethereum to it’s own RPC provider Infura. You can stop the tracking by changing this RPC URL or use a better wallet than MetaMask. Infura also has the ability to block transactions which is against what cryptocurrency is meant to be. Nobody should ever be able to track or block a transaction without your consent!

How to Update Your MetaMask RPC URL

Ethereum Mainnet is locked in MetaMask so we have to add a new network and use that for Ethereum.

Click on MetaMask icon
Click “Ethereum Mainnet” drop down and click “Add Network”
You will be taken to a page to select a network. At the bottom click “Add a network manually”

Network name: “Ethereum Without Tracking”
New RPC URL: “”
Chain ID: “1”
Currency Symbol: “ETH”
Block explorer URL (Optional): “”

Click the “Save” button
You can now select “Ethereum Without Tracking” from the MetaMask network drop down.

When adding new networks to MetaMask be sure to always add them manually instead of letting MetaMask fill in the RPC URL.

DeFi Llama ChainList has an active RPC list to choose from here.

Other Wallets

Tally Ho is an Open Source wallet developed and led by the community

Note: Rabby Wallet and DeBank is another provider trying to connect users to their wallets and online profiles. Web3 is supposed to be about controlling who collects and has access to your data, don't fall for this data mining!

Use a VPN to Protect Your Location Identity

Mysterium VPN is an excellent decentralized VPN with no monthly fees. You simply need some $MYST and it costs very little to connect for using crypto. One $MYST will get you a long ways.

Check out our article on how to setup Mysterium VPN

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