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Sherlock: The Most Secure Smart Contract Audit in Web3

Sherlock is a platform that provides the most thorough and effective smart contract auditing in Web3. Our audits are backed by real USDC, giving you peace of mind that your protocol is protected in the event of a hack.

How Sherlock Works

Sherlock offers two types of audits:

  • Request Audit: This is a traditional audit where we review your smart contracts and provide a report of any security vulnerabilities.
  • Audit Contest: This is a more competitive approach where we invite the world's top security experts to audit your smart contracts. The winner of the contest receives a bounty of USDC.

Benefits of Sherlock

  • The most secure audit in Web3: Our audits are backed by real USDC, giving you the highest level of security.
  • Deep expertise in auditing: Our team of auditors has years of experience in finding and fixing security vulnerabilities in smart contracts.
  • Competitive pricing: Our audits are priced competitively, so you can get the most secure audit for your budget.


"Sherlock's audit contest found unique issues in our codebase that we were grateful to learn about before deploying. I would highly recommend any protocol team try a Sherlock audit before going to mainnet." - Optimism

"Notional has gotten 14 audits from 6 different firms, and Sherlock is the best audit experience we've ever had. The contests were thorough and well-organized, and the Watsons were some of the best security analysts in the industry." - Notional

Get Started with Sherlock Today

To learn more about Sherlock and how we can help you secure your protocol, visit our website or contact us today.

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