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Hats.finance: Decentralized Smart Bug Bounties and Audit Competitions Marketplace

Hats.finance is a decentralized smart bug bounty and audit competitions marketplace. It is permissionless, scalable, and allows anyone to provide liquidity. Hats.finance is committed to the DeFi ethos and uses a variety of proactive distributed security mechanisms to support the Web3 ecosystem to become more robust, secure, and scalable.

The Hats.finance platform offers a variety of features, including:

  • Bug bounties: Security researchers can find and report bugs in DeFi protocols for a reward.
  • Audit competitions: DeFi protocols can hold audit competitions to get their code reviewed by security experts.
  • Liquidity pools: Users can provide liquidity to bug bounty and audit competition pools to earn rewards.
  • NFTs: Hats.finance also offers a variety of NFTs, which can be used to access exclusive features and rewards.

Hats.finance is a valuable resource for DeFi projects and security researchers. It helps to improve the security of the DeFi ecosystem and rewards those who help to keep it safe.

Hats Finance 0 reviews

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