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Audit Wizard: Revolutionize Your Smart Contract Security Workflow

Audit Wizard is an all-in-one web3 security platform that makes it easy for auditors, developers, and security engineers to identify and fix vulnerabilities in smart contracts. It combines a variety of tools into a single, intuitive web-based IDE, including:

  • Static code analysis: Audit Wizard uses Slither to scan smart contracts for common vulnerabilities.
  • Code visualization: Audit Wizard generates graphs of function calls and contract dependencies to help users understand code patterns.
  • AI threat modeling: Audit Wizard uses AI to identify potential threats to smart contracts and suggest mitigation strategies.
  • Automatic audit report generation: Audit Wizard can automatically generate audit reports based on users' findings.


  • Import smart contracts from anywhere, including GitHub, Etherscan, Code4rena, and Immunefi
  • Construct abstract syntax trees (ASTs) of smart contracts to help create scanning rules
  • Visualize function and contract scopes to better understand code
  • Run Slither scans with one click
  • Use AI to explain contracts, build threat models, and create security reports


  • Streamline the smart contract security process
  • Reduce the risk of deploying vulnerable smart contracts
  • Improve the overall security of the web3 ecosystem


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