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Santiment: Market Intelligence Platform for Cryptocurrencies

Santiment is a market intelligence platform for cryptocurrencies that provides on-chain, social, and development data for over 2,500 crypto assets. The platform's tools and insights help users identify, contextualize, and react to market events and anomalies. Santiment is used by hedge funds, retail investors, crypto project owners, and NFT creators to make more informed trading decisions.

Here are some of the key features of Santiment:

  • Sanbase Studio: This tool allows users to visualize on-chain, social, and development data for over 900 crypto assets. Users can also set up alerts for major network anomalies.
  • Emerging Social Trends: This feature tracks the top 10 words with the highest spike in mentions on crypto social media. This can help users identify emerging trends and market sentiment.
  • Insights and behavioral reports: Santiment's team of analysts releases regular insights and behavioral reports that help users stay ahead of market developments.

Santiment is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to make more informed trading decisions in the cryptocurrency market. The platform's comprehensive data and insights can help users identify opportunities, avoid risks, and make better investment decisions.

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