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DeepDAO: A Comprehensive DAO Discovery, Listing, and Analytics Platform

DeepDAO is a DAO discovery, listing and analytics platform that provides a comprehensive view of over 2,000 DAOs on multiple blockchains and governance platforms.

DeepDAO offers a variety of features to help DAO members and researchers, including:

  • DAO dashboards: DeepDAO provides detailed, dynamic dashboards for each listed DAO, contextualizing individual and organizational data with daily ecosystem measures and indices, categorization, functional descriptions, live blockchain addresses, a tooling section, and more.
  • DAO member profiles: Every DAO member gets a personal, self-owned profile page to be curated as they like, containing a record of their activities in listed DAOs, similar members, DAO score, DAO and ecosystem data context, and ongoing added features.
  • DAO governance data: DeepDAO displays DAOs' governance platforms, proposals, voting and results; treasuries controlled by these governances; DAO membership addresses for their governance shares and actions; description and categorization within the DAO ecosystem; voting coalitions, rich social URLs layer and various other related features & indices.
  • DAO treasury data: DeepDAO defines DAO treasuries to include any asset-holding blockchain address that is 100% owned and controlled by the DAO, and any vesting blockchain address the recipients of which are addresses of the first type.

DeepDAO's goal is to facilitate the DAO movement by providing a comprehensive and user-friendly platform for discovering, understanding, and participating in DAOs.

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