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Scopescan: An On-Chain Data Analytics Platform

Money Flow, AML Risk Score, VC Watch, Whale Watch, Address Clustering

Scopescan is an on-chain data analytics platform that allows users to discover new insights, query complex on-chain data points, and explore real-world entities using intuitive dashboards. It is powered by the 0xScope Knowledge Graph, which provides a comprehensive view of the Ethereum blockchain.

Scopescan offers a variety of features, including:

  • Ranking Dashboards: These dashboards provide quick access to the current trend of addresses, tokens, projects, and NFT collections.
  • Wallet Explorer: This dashboard analyzes the Top 100 CEX and EOA Holders sorted by token.
  • Token Explorer: This dashboard analyzes ERC-20 Tokens (Top 50) and Stablecoins(Top 50) ranked by market capitalization.
  • Project Explorer: This dashboard analyzes the Top 50 Projects ranked by TVL and Daily Active Users.
  • NFT Explorer: This dashboard analyzes Blue-Chip NFT.

Scopescan also allows users to create detailed profiles for wallets, tokens, NFTs, and projects. These profiles provide insights into the behavior of entities, the companies behind Web3 products, and more.

To use Scopescan, simply enter an address, ENS, token name, or token contract in the home page search bar. Scopescan will then provide you with a comprehensive overview of the entity or asset you are interested in.

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