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Pocket Universe: Don't Get Scammed

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Pocket Universe is a crypto security tool that helps you avoid scams. It works by popping up before you sign any transaction, showing you what you're signing and whether it's a malicious transaction. It also insures you up to $2000 if you lose assets to a scam while under its protection.

Pocket Universe is easy to use and works with almost all web3 wallets. It currently works on Ethereum, Polygon, BSC, Optimism, Arbitrum, and Base.

Here are some examples of malicious transactions that Pocket Universe protects you from:

  • Fake NFT listings
  • Fake DEX orders
  • ETH stealing contracts

Pocket Universe's insurance policy covers you if you lost assets to a scam in a confirmed transaction, you were using Pocket Universe and saw the pop up for the transaction where the loss occurred, and you didn't see a warning or simulation results showing that you were going to lose those assets.

Pocket Universe does not cover asset losses that result from compromised seed phrases or private keys, rugpulled projects, losses that are not from your wallet, ignored warnings in Pocket Universe, or Pocket Universe not popping up.

Pocket Universe is currently committing $100K USDC of its own funds to cover losses. It plans to increase this over time. In the unlikely event that the funding runs out, it will announce next steps based on the circumstances.

Click Here To Get An Extra 10% Free Insurance

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