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Description Manage Your Token Approvals and Protect Your Funds is a free tool that helps you manage your token approvals on decentralized applications (dapps). Token approvals are permissions that you give to dapps to spend your tokens on your behalf. While they are essential for using many dapps, they can also be dangerous if they are not managed properly. allows you to see all of the dapps that you have granted token approvals to, and to revoke those approvals if you no longer need them. It also warns you when you are about to sign a token approval that could be harmful. is a valuable tool for anyone who uses dapps. It can help you protect your funds from hacks and scams, and it can help you keep your wallet secure. 1 review

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1 review
  • @Crypt0xPaladin

    Revoke supports a ton of chains and testnets. Revoke also has a browser extension to help with real time transaction security.