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Maestro Telegram Bots:
 Trade directly on Telegram.

Maestro Telegram Bots:
Trading made easier. Trade directly on Telegram.

Maestro is a suite of crypto-related tools for Telegram users, including a sniper bot, whale bot, and wallet tracker.

Maestro Sniper Bot:

  • Lightning fast (BSC, ETH, ARB, & SRG) Telegram sniper bot
  • Easy liquidity, launch, and method sniping
  • Trading terminal with high-end functions
  • Anti-rug protection
  • Effortless PinkSale presale entries
  • Powerful call channel sniping
  • Accessible on any device that supports Telegram

Maestro Whale Bot:

  • Receive instant notifications on whale transactions directly in Telegram
  • Whale/wallet watching

Maestro Wallet Tracker:

  • Smooth wallet tracking in Telegram with blazing fast price alerts
  • Keep an eye on your crypto balances in BSC and ETH wallets without having to switch applications or leave Telegram

Maestro Buy Bot:

  • For crypto groups with high ambitions
  • Monitors buys, sells, and price changes for up to two tokens for free
  • Offers impeccable speed, unmatched versatility, and excellent accessibility


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