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Alphador: Smart Money Made Simple

Alphador is an alpha community with a set of powerful analytical and trading tools to stay on track with the best opportunities for making money in the crypto space.

It offers a variety of features, including:

DEX Trading Bot: Instantly snipe, buy or sell tokens on DEX, set take profit, stop loss, and more with cutting-edge features for optimal trading.
DEX Trading Terminal: Trade tokens on Ethereum DEX platforms like Uniswap instantly, with no delays or intermediaries.
Whale Anomaly Scanner: Gain a competitive edge with the Whale Anomaly scanner, which spots potentially profitable tokens by detecting early whale buys and popular wallet movements. Snipe opportunities instantly.
Wallet Tracking Tools: Use tools to follow blockchain addresses, track all of their activity and detect smart wallets.
Smart Wallet Analyzer: Analyze Wallet PnL over time.
Wallet Lists: Organize the wallets you follow and create wallet lists, add addresses and keep track of all their transactions. Share your lists with anyone and find ready lists created by the other members of Alphador community.
Transactions Feed: Track any wallet transactions on blockchain and keep track of all new transactions on the most popular chains initiated by the addresses you follow.
Smart Wallets Detector: Find wallets which buy before pump.
Arbitrage Tools: Use scanners and token tools to find potentially profitable arbitrage opportunities.
Price Alerts: Stay always up to date with token prices and keep track of any token on the most popular chains.
Crypto Activities: The Alphador team analyzes a ton of events every day and selects only the most potential ones to participate in.
Event News Feed: Forget about browsing endless feeds in Twitter and Discord. Alphador keeps track of all of the important project updates and delivers them in your Telegram or Alphador feed in a short laconic format.
Referral Program: Invite people and enjoy passive income. The Alphador Referral Program is a powerful avenue for users to earn passive income by introducing new members to the avant-garde trading tools.


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