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Trade the Hottest Topics and Make a Profit

Topic.Market is a social platform and marketplace for trading topics. It allows users to buy and sell "Supports" for topics of interest, such as social trends, news headlines, political discussions, event names, or even celebrities. Supports are not tokens and cannot be traded on other exchanges, but they can be used to express opinions and participate in discussions on Topic.Market.

What is a Topic?

A Topic is a subject of public interest. It could be anything that captures public attention, such as a social trend, news headline, political discussion, event name, or even a celebrity.

What are Supports?

Supports are what you can buy to show your support or interest within a particular Topic. By holding Supports, you are allowed to share your opinions on that Topic. These Supports can be traded on the platform, allowing you to make a profit from buying low and selling high.

How to Trade Topics on Topic.Market

To trade Topics on Topic.Market, simply browse the list of trending or upcoming Topics and select the one you want to trade. Then, click the "Trade" button to go to the trading page. On the trading page, you can buy and sell Supports for the Topic much like you would on an AMM DEX.

Topic Launching

During the Topic Launching Stage, users can participate in a Topic using ETH on the Launching page. To participate, simply input the amount of ETH you want to participate with and click the "Participate" button. After the Launching Stage, you will receive Supports proportional to your ETH participation relative to the total ETH pool.

More Than Just a Trading Platform

Topic.Market is more than just a trading platform; it's also a platform for public opinions and social networking. Here, you're encouraged to express your viewpoints on various Topics. The amount of Supports you hold for a Topic will impact both your ability to engage in discussions and the exposure of your viewpoints.


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