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Speed Run Ethereum: Learn Ethereum Development and Build dApps

Speed Run Ethereum is a community-driven initiative that helps Ethereum builders learn and grow. The website provides a variety of resources, including challenges, tutorials, and a forum where builders can connect with each other. Speed Run Ethereum also hosts hackathons and other events to foster collaboration and innovation in the Ethereum ecosystem.

Some of the challenges on Speed Run Ethereum include:

  • Building a simple NFT
  • Creating a decentralized staking app
  • Developing a token vendor
  • Predicting randomness in a Dice Game contract

These challenges are designed to teach builders the fundamentals of Ethereum development and help them create their own decentralized applications.

In addition to challenges, Speed Run Ethereum also offers a variety of tutorials and resources to help builders learn about Ethereum development. These resources include:

  • A beginner's guide to Ethereum
  • A tutorial on how to create a smart contract
  • A guide to using Hardhat
  • A list of Ethereum development tools

The Speed Run Ethereum forum is a great place for builders to connect with each other, ask questions, and get help. The forum is also a great place to find collaborators and partners for new projects.

If you are interested in learning about Ethereum development or building your own decentralized applications, Speed Run Ethereum is a great resource. The website offers a variety of challenges, tutorials, and resources to help you get started.

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