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NexScript Smart Contracts For Nexa


  • Private and Isolated Contracts
    • Nexa's UTXO-based model also means that each contract is fully independent and isolated from each other. This limits systemic risk and makes contract upgrades much simpler. Furthermore, Nexa contracts use P2ST, preserving the privacy of participants.

  • Efficient and Reliable Verification
    • NexScript smart contracts are stateless and UTXO-based, which allows transactions to be verified independently and efficiently. Because there is no global state that can impact the execution of these smart contracts, the results are deterministic and predictable.

  • DeFi on Nexa
    • Most DeFi applications are currently built on top of the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Nexa contracts use a different paradigm than EVM chains due to its UTXO architecture. But with Script Templates, transaction introspection and local state, DeFi is very much possible on Nexa.

  • Strong Abstraction
    • Nexa transactions run on a virtual machine called raw Nexa Script. Writing bytecode for this virtual machine is difficult and error-prone. NexScript offers a strong abstraction for writing Nexa smart contracts, improving developer experience and reliability of contracts.


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